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Q. What exactly is the SportExcel High Performance System?

A.  The SportExcel High Performance System is a six-step process that anyone can understand and implement.  If you are competitive and want to win, you can apply the system to every area of your life, sport, school or work.  "It is not rocket science; it is winning science."  The SportExcel system strips away the fluff and only gives you practical and repeatable tools for winning.  Our clients are our best ambassadors for testing out the system.  Each week we receive calls from happy and successful athletes, business leaders and parents who have applied the system and gained winning results.

Q.  How is the SportExcel system different from other (mental) training?
A.  The SportExcel System is strategy-based and designed to allow you to start transforming your game in the first session.  The starting point is the Zone, a moment of brilliance that you have been in before, at least once.  We teach you the tools to take your moment of brilliance to your whole game.  There is no analysis or assessment of you, only an analysis of your Zone.  
Q. What type of training do you offer?
A.   On any given day we can be working via Skype with a triathlete in Australia, a sailor in California, an Ironman competitor in Hawaii, a trap shooting team in Minnesota and a snowboarder in New Zealand.  We offer premium one-on-one training via Skype, parent/young athlete Skype training and in-person high performance group clinics at your location for teams and businesses. 

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Q.  Do you work with leaders?
A.  Yes we do.  In fact, many of our clients are decision-makers in their business and in life, whether as a company CEO, a sport leader, a business owner or the parent of an athlete.  The SportExcel high performance system empowers you in every sphere of your life, especially in leadership. 

Let Peter Baeklund put it in his words:

"I'd finally found exactly what I was looking for - a simple, effective and easy to use system for enhancing performance and productivity, delivered with passion and expertise.  I've now integrated the system in my own strategies and work and get value from it every day.  I highly recommend you check out Bob's approach to high performance because I know it works."  

Q.  How do you define the Zone?

A.   We usually let our clients define the Zone, especially as they learn to experience it in the first session.  They tell us that it is one or a combination of: 

Being wired but calm, having no thoughts, watching themselves perform, being in slow motion, knowing exactly what their opponent is going to do next, etc.  

As our client, Mike Westjohn says:

"The Zone is a teachable, learnable skill and it’s all connected to how willing you are to seeing, feeling and trusting yourself to achieving your goals."


Q.  Do you also work with pro athletes and coaches?

A. Yes we do.  SportExcel works with professionals in hockey, snowboarding, surfing, the clay target sports and many other sports.  And, as Olympic athletes are often considered professional, we work with them as well.  

We are especially happy that top-calibre athletes and coaches consider us “cool” and are our biggest source of referrals.  They like the sport-specific strategies that quickly and radically improve their performance.  And, whether you are an amateur or pro, that is all that matters.  
Q.  Do you conduct assessments as part of your training system?

A.  No.  The results of assessments are merely talking points.  They respresent a moment in time when you were out of the Zone.  And, since you get in the Zone in the very first session with us, and then learn to stay in it with powerful tools, any assessment is immediately out-of-date and obsolete.   You will learn a system where you demonstrate what you can do well in the future, without talking about what you did poorly in the past.   

This empowering approach is one of the most important systems you will ever develop.  You'll become the expert in managing your Zone and sport. 
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Q.  How effective is it to work via Skype?
A.   Skype is an ideal system for working with you, as it is easy to install on a computer and it is just as easy to connect with us from almost anywhere in the world.   And, except for clinics, it is currently the primary way we work with our clients, even with pros and Olympians.   Most of our clients come from North America, but we also have clients in Australia, the UK, Chile, India, Denmark, Spain, Hawaii and Kenya. Skype lets us work with clients wherever they are and whenever they need us, especially at competitions such as the Olympic games and world championships.

If you have never used Skype, it is like being trained in person.  We even offer a free introductory session to give you an opportunity to see how it works.  And, if you really prefer to work via phone with us, that is also fine as we honed our long-distance training via phone years before Skype even existed!

Q.  How can you offer a guarantee when athletic performance 
is usually so up and down emotionally?
A.  We offer a guarantee because we can.  We base our guarantee on the routine success of our athletes. As well, our system is not psychology; it is a leadership systems approach that is repeatable, consistent and fun.  If, after the first two sessions, you are unhappy with your performance or with what you are learning, you get your money back. As well, you can  take the first session of the Ignition Series as a no-obligation intro to experience the Zone.  We know that once you do, you'll never go back to any other approach.    

We stand behind our program 100%, as your success is our success.  
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5th degree Black Belt and International Martial Arts Competitor and former World Kickboxing Champion, Owner - The Way of Life Martial Arts

"The time you spent with me has been paying off. I thank you tremendously.
This is a 90% mental and 10% physical game. I wish   I knew you when I was a kick boxer in my younger days. Now I do, and I will use these exercises to the fullest."

— SCOTT HILL, Canada


Founder and Head Coach, Peter Baeklund Resource Leadership

"I'd finally found exactly what I was looking for - a simple, effective and easy to use system for enhancing performance and productivity, delivered with passion and expertise.  I've now integrated the system in my own strategies and work and get value from it every day.  I highly recommend you check out Bob's approach to high performance because I know it works."


Canadian Record holder and Champion in Heptathlon, Canadian Champion in Hurdles and two-time Olympian

"My work with Bob provided tools to face any feat, small or large, with a clear mind and a confidence that allowed me to perform freely and in the moment. As an athlete there's nothing comparable to the feelings of performing in the moment, which made every session with Bob very rewarding."


Certified Level 3 NSSA Instructor, 14-time world-champion; Owner - Giambrone Shooting Clinics

"Since working with Bob late last year, not only have we made an improvement to my mental game but I also have a much better understanding of the feel of the Zone."



Track and Field Athlete-Hurdles

"Having Bob Palmer come and do a workshop for our track team was fantastic! After reading about Bob's work and success with Hurdler Jessica Zelinka I was eager to learn more about Bob's techniques and I was not disappointed! 

I really enjoyed the exercises and am finding it easier to recognize and get in the Zone with these exercises. I really liked the emphasis Bob put on supporting our teammates in the zone.  We often compete against each other but by supporting and encouraging each other 'In the Zone", it will help us all reach our potential! I am excited for our future competitions."

LEXIE SCOTT, 17, BC, Canada