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Ignition Series High-Performance Program 


The Ignition series is a game-changer. A dynamic, results-driven formula, tested and proven by champions.

Book Bob Palmer's 12-session program to support you throughout your training and competitive season

Via video link, Bob Palmer trains, mentors and supports athletes with a dynamic, strategy-based high-performance training and mentorship experience.  

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 Learn the Zone.

Build consistency, resiliency, awareness and focus.

Create life-long momentum and acquire sport-specific skills quickly.

Accelerate your game skills for the advantage!



What you get with Ignition Series

Dynamic training and mentorship from Bob Palmer

Who Bob trains to win

Competitive recreational athletes

Our competitive recreational athletes (Ironman, clay target, golf, swimming, etc.) use our effective and beneficial, high-performance strategies to enhance their sport, work and life. Often for the first time in their lives, they understand what the Zone is and how to use it to their advantage in everything they do. They enjoy sport like never before—and experience winning like never before. As well as applying the SportExcel System to their sport, they find the strategies integrate seamlessly with leadership in their workplace, and they have the opportunity to continue training with Momentum, the SportExcel Business Leadership Program.


"The most valuable lesson I have learned from Bob is to believe in the process. Not giving up, not losing sight of my dreams and vision for my life, and enjoying the process of being in the Zone in all areas of my life. 

Sports, business, and family life can all be massively improved by using the knowledge that Bob shares!" 


Taylor Hodges

Hodges Financial Services, HP Cashflow and Inspire Gym United

Youth athletic development

Youth athletes are the foundation of all professional and Olympic programs, and young athletes need the SportExcel advantage early. They stand out by displaying consistency (no downtime), resiliency (fast recovery), and leadership (set the standard). They learn to model top performers, observe the game in wide-angle detail and slow the action by speeding up reaction time. And they learn to properly prepare for games, manage the in-game process, and effectively analyze the post-game.

"This was it.  I was the champion. My dream came true. Because of my training with Bob, I had the confidence not to push things and to relax during moments of high intensity. That medal goes out to my teammates, my coaches, my family, and, of course, Bob Palmer."


Teen athlete, Ontario

Canadian Junior Wrestling Gold Medallist

NCAA / U SPORTS scholarship prep

The pathway to earning an NCAA or U SPORTS scholarship starts early, so the sooner athletes improve their game skills and study habits, the better. The SportExcel program helps athletes develop and improve all components of both academics and sport—building passion, consistency and confidence. Athletes build academic strength in all subject areas and SAT testing by using powerful strategies to set outcomes of success, remove blocks to performance and enhance coach and teacher relationships.

 "I found I was smiling to myself, knowing I had a weapon that most people did not."


Erin Tribe

Nordic competitive skier, Canada

Professional and Olympic Athletes

Professional athletes and Olympians are highly skilled athletes who know the Zone. But very few of them find the Zone as consistently as they want and need it. With the SportExcel system, pro and Olympic athletes learn to live in the Zone. They learn powerful tools to fix frustrations and game-to-game problems. They learn to be leaders—of teammates, coaches and family. And, with the mentorship of Bob Palmer, they build a highly robust and consistent “Zone” game for podium success and winning.

"My work with Bob provided tools to face any feat, small or large, with a clear mind and a confidence that allowed me to perform freely and in the moment. As an athlete, there's nothing comparable to the feeling of performing in the moment, which made every session with Bob very rewarding."


Jessica Zelinka, MMEI

Two-time Olympian, former Canadian record-holder - Heptathlon, and University Coach

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