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Game-changing Zone performance training for consistency, focus and winning in your sport from the Zone performance experts

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In just eight weeks SportExcel's Zone Performance Expert, Bob Palmer, teaches you how to win, how to take leadership of your sport and how to get the fun back

You'll learn the Zone, how to build consistency, resiliency, awareness, and focus. You’ll learn how to create life-long momentum and acquire sport-specific skills quickly. Your sport window of opportunity is short. Let us help you accelerate your game!

"I was a half-pipe snowboarder who competed for almost ten years. I used to suffer from competition anxiety at every contest. I found that SportExcel gave me practical techniques which are easy to apply to competing and life situations. With extreme sport comes high risk and SportExcel also helped me prepare for performing new tricks and riding at an elevated level, including higher amplitude."

Fromer Professional Snowboarder and Olympic athlete, Owner - KT athletics

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Meet your Zone performance expert

Bob Palmer, BES, BEd | SportExcel CEO | Head Trainer | High-Performance Expert | Mentor of Champions

The founder and CEO of SportExcel Inc., Bob is the world’s most experienced and successful Zone performance expert for athletes, coaches and leaders  in all sports.  

Bob’s sole outcome, as a high-performance Zone expert, and professional educator, is to equip you with the SportExcel Zone training strategies so that you will think, troubleshoot and perform like a pro.

He is contracted as the high-performance trainer of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, and for athletes at U.S. and Canadian Olympic organizations. Bob trains athletes and coaches from around the globe via Skype, and through in-person clinics.


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for winning, leadership and fun in your sport

Bob's book for athletes, coaches and leaders in all sports — A Mind to Win — is a clinic in a book that offers a training process that blurs the lines between the mental and physical game. It opens the door to a revolutionary way to increase your focus, strength, power, speed and smarts in your sport. It is your Zone high-performance training manual! Offered in paperback or eBook formats.

We thought we would tell you a bit about what makes SportExcel different, who we work with and what you can expect to learn!

The SportExcel System is strategy-based and designed to allow you to start transforming your game in the first session. The starting point is the Zone, a moment of brilliance that you have been in before, at least once. We teach you the tools to take your moment of brilliance to your whole game. There is no analysis or assessment of you, only an analysis of your Zone. And it's not talk therapy. We don't need to know what issues have impacted your sport performance because we teach you a System  filled with strategies - to get you where you need to go!

"Bob's training gives all athletes the same great system I learned. Every pro or aspiring athlete can benefit from learning it - for sport, work, school and life."

 HANNAH TETER, Former Professional Snowboarder, Three-time Olympian, Gold and Silver Medalist and X Games Medalist


On any given day we can be working via Skype with a triathlete in Australia, a sailor in California, an Ironman competitor in Hawaii, a trap shooting team in Minnesota and a snowboarder in New Zealand. 

We offer one-on-one training programs via Skype for athletes, coaches, leaders and parent/young athlete training. We will also train your group via Skype or come to your location to deliver our Zone performance clinic.

And our newest training innovation is ZoneQuest - our online, self-paced training course which is the same great training as what Bob delivers on a 1-on-1 basis, but at a more cost-effective price point. 

"This is the revolutionary aspect of Bob's program. It helps you change your mind, and your physiology by using the Zone experience as the central focus of your everyday activities."

— SARA GROSS,, PHd, Professional Ironman / Triathlon, former European Champion and 1st place - Ironman Brazil 2014, Owner - Mercury Rising Triathlon



Over the eight weeks of training, you will learn the Zone and understand how to apply it to your game for creating skillful consistency, removing distractions, building incredible focus, developing resilience, learning new skills quickly and taking leadership. Foremost, you will learn to use your Zone to win, and have a lot more fun in your game, at school and at work.

“Bob's system has helped me more than I imagined it could. It helped me simplify my mental approach to my sport, and helped me create better consistency. What I didn't realize was how far-reaching the system can be. I have applied all of the same principles to my business with tremendous success. It has helped me renew my enthusiasm for my business, and as a result, the performance of my entire team has improved. The bottom line numbers don't lie, and I couldn't be happier about the results. Thank you Bob for getting me to believe again in all aspects of life - your system has been invaluable!”

 STEVE MANCINELLI, Competitive athlete and business owner



Yes we do.  In fact, the majority of our clients are decision-makers in their business, sport and in life, whether as a company CEO, a sport leader, a business owner or the parent of an athlete. 

Sport leaders, coaches and CEOs enjoy working with Bob because his dynamic and energizing leadership training produces immediate and tangible results.

Bob empowers leaders at all levels of sport from amateur competitive to professional and Olympic. To them he is a trainer, strategist, mentor and, sometimes when stress is overwhelming, a lifesaver.

"I'd finally found exactly what I was looking for - a simple, effective and easy to use system for enhancing performance and productivity, delivered with passion and expertise.  I've now integrated the system in my own strategies and work and get value from it every day.  I highly recommend you check out Bob's approach to high performance because I know it works."  
— PETER BAEKLUND, Peter Baeklund Leadership, Denmark

We usually let our clients define the Zone, especially as they learn to experience it in the first session.  They tell us that it is one or a combination of:  

Being wired but calm, having no thoughts, watching themselves perform, being in slow motion, knowing exactly what their opponent is going to do next, etc.   

As our client, Mike Westjohn says:

"The Zone is a teachable, learnable skill and it’s all connected to how willing you are to seeing, feeling and trusting yourself to achieving your goals." 

 MIKE WESTJOHN, Competitive athlete


No, we do not offer assessments. The results of assessments are merely talking points and they represent only a moment in time when an athlete is out of the Zone.

And, since you get in the Zone in the very first session with us, and then learn to stay in it with powerful tools, any assessment is immediately out-of-date and obsolete. 

We do not need to know what happened in your past. We are more interested in getting you connect to the future.

"As a retired US Navy SEAL and athlete, who has been able to get to the highest levels that my physical ability could take me in many sports, I will tell you that what Bob is teaching  is what you have been seeking."

— DR. JOE LACAZE, Retired US Navy SEAL, Doctor of Chiropractic, Author


At SportExcel, we offer what is arguably the most innovative Zone training in the high-performance world. We stand behind our training and back it up with a risk-free guarantee.

We offer a test-drive of our Ignition Series with a no-obligation, 45-minute first training session, before we bill you. 

With our online course, ZoneQuest, you get a ten-day test-drive. You should have a personal ‘lightbulb or aha moment’ of having learned something new in this time period. If not, we will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your training course or refund what you paid.  

“I have worked with Bob in the past and have had such extreme results, I was curious to see how this could translate to a video version -ZoneQuest - and duplicate the outstanding work we accomplished together. Bob's coaching style is so unique and personable, and to no surprise, ZoneQuest exceeded my expectations and duplicated that magic in a whole new way! Experiencing Bob's presence radiates and shines through the screen through each module. This gave me the reboot and kickstart into my education and career path that I needed.”

— GABI VITERI, Performer and songwriter | Former professional snowboarder (Burton) retired


Podcast with Maureen Vandermey - on training and competition

A decade or so ago, I taught my high-performance system to Maureen Vandermey for the purpose of her running hobby. 

Maureen dropped me a note recently telling me about her experience of running the Toronto Marathon. So we sat down together over Skype to discuss the race, her perseverance as a beginner and the strategies that helped her, such as mental drafting, staying in the Zone and applying mental gymnastics to “flatten out hills.” Her commentary can teach beginners and pros some good lessons in resiliency, no matter what your sport.


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SportExcel offers an introductory 45-minute, no-obligation training session via Skype with Bob Palmer. This is the first session in of our eight-session Ignition Series program  for athletes, families or leaders. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to set up a time to meet via Skype!