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In this ZoneTalk episode, Bob sits down with Jordan Hintz, a clays coach at Hillsdale College in Michigan, whom he has worked with in the past. Bob asks Jordan for some insights into just what is involved in competing in clays shooting for a college team. What he discovered sounds really exciting.  

Although Hillsdale has limited places each year on their clay target team, they do have spots available. Better yet, Jordan believes that there is a school match across the US for just about any student who wants to pursue the sport of clays shooting while studying for their degree. But his advice is that students will need to reach out to colleges and coaches themselves, as coaches can’t keep track of the many thousands of young athletes across the country. 

He also recommends that students need to start as soon as they can, perhaps in their sophomore year in high school. Their senior year would be too late to find a placement with schools that actively recruit. 

However, the good news is that many other colleges have clubs that can be joined while at college. One of Bob's athletes recently started at one club at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Watch the video below for the entire discussion with Jordan Hintz. 



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About Jordan Hintz 

Jordan Hintz first began shooting clay targets competitively in 2008 for the Burlington High School Shooting Team where he enjoyed much success, earning numerous state and national championships in the Scholastic Clay Target Program. He was also a member of the USA Shooting Junior Olympic Team from 2011 through 2014.  

As a member of the Hillsdale team, Jordan was a 5-time ACUI Division 3 High Overall Team National Champion and was named an NRA/ACUI All-American three times and won several individual awards. He also enjoyed continued success both individually and as a team member in SCTP. 

Jordan began coaching even prior to graduating high school by assisting with younger athletes. He has been an official member of the Burlington High School coaching staff for six years. While attending Hillsdale, he enjoyed working with his teammates on improving and remained a part of the organization as assistant coach in the 2018-2019 season. Today, Jordan Hintz is the head coach of the Hillsdale College Shotgun Sports Team, a position he has held since the summer of 2019. 


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