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Zone Family Training

Train via Skype together with your competitive teen athlete, learn the Zone with them, and powerfully support them in their sport high-performance journey


Parents and competitive teen athletes love to work with Bob Palmer

Here's why...


In just eight weeks learn Bob Palmer's Zone performance strategies

For consistency, resiliency, focus, awareness, fun and winning in your sport

Zone Family - Ignition Series Training is designed to teach family members (one parent and one athlete aged 12 to 17) how to apply a consistent and powerful Zone to sport, school and work.  Over the eight-week period of the program, changes start to occur almost immediately.    

SportExcel’s Zone strategies connect parents to their children in sport, at home and in school, by learning the same tools as their children but at much higher level of understanding.

As the parent’s high-performance effectiveness grows, so does the athlete’s accelerated development. The parent stops being the emotional spectator and learns to be the rock-solid emotion ballast that their young athlete can turn to and rely on at any time. Parents learn to support their young athlete on this mutual high-performance journey. 

With Zone Family Training, the parent is empowered to become the role model for the child—in powerful and often unspoken ways—and youth athletes and parents soon thrive on the relationship. Test-drive the first session of our Ignition Series Zone Family training with no obligation.


"She is a completely different player since working with Bob. In the last tournament she scored half of the team's 15 goals. She has more confidence and fun and has developed a scoring touch. "

— AK, Parent of a 14-year-old athlete

Training options via Skype with Bob Palmer (for a parent and a teen athlete (ages 12 - 17)

Zone Family - Ignition Series | Zone Family - Velocity Series | ZoneQuest Online

What you'll learn for your sport

8 Skype training sessions

$995 USD

[The SportExcel Zone starting point]

Transforming and empowering the athlete and parent

With the SportExcel Zone Family Ignition Series, parents and their competitive teen athlete learn to implement the SportExcel Zone Performance System strategies to achieve and sustain a consistently high level of performance with the Zone. And, because there is no need for the time-consuming task of sharing of personal information, the training process is fast and results come quickly. 

Via Skype, Bob Palmer takes the athlete and their parent through a hands-on, strategy-based experience where you will learn to:

  • Identify and develop a consistent Zone
  • Wire in goals so they drive you powerfully
  • Quickly model and implement elite skills
  • Resolve intimidation
  • Lead by example
  • Forget mistakes and loses easily
  • Supercharge and adrenalize your game

Zone Family Ignition Series training (8 sessions) includes:

One - No obligation Skype training session with Bob Palmer where you learn the Zone (first session in the program)

Seven - 45-minute, hands-on Skype sessions geared to learning to win

Direct contact with Bob Palmer outside of sessions during the training period

Parent support as time permits

Follow-up written, audio and video material via email

Comprehensive PDF program manual

Paperback or eBook copy of Bob's book - A Mind to Win 


8 Skype training sessions

$995 USD

[Prerequiste: Ignition Series[

On-going athlete support and mentorship

Velocity Series gives athletes (and parents) peace of mind by knowing that high performance expert Bob Palmer is as close as the cell phone and Skype. As athletes develop and build confidence with the SportExcel System, experience shows that they develop much faster by having periodic reviews of the strategies, timely help to move beyond new challenges and new insights for comp preparation and debriefing.   

Athletes review and learn specific tools that support:

  • All previous Zone training
  • Competition preparation and debriefing
  • Problem-solving strategies
  • Communication strategies
  • Self-leadership and team synergy strategies
  • On-going development via diagnostic evaluation of skills
  • Session-to-session guidance as required

Zone Family Velocity Series training (8 sessions) includes:

Eight - 45-minute training sessions or can be used in as many as 16, 25-minute sessions where you learn and review the tools to support winning

Debriefing at the start of each session

Follow-up written material where required

Direct on-going contact with trainer Bob Palmer (time zone permitting) during and for a short period of time after your training period

Flexible training periods when you need them

Additional strategies that you’ll use for life


10 online modules

$497 USD

[ Train together online]

SportExcel's online video course is the same great SportExcel system as our one-on-one Ignition Series via Skypes, but in a self-paced video format

The eight-week online ZoneQuest course trains young athletes and their parents to achieve the Zone for success in sport, school, work and life.

Each week, participants receive a new module with powerful new tools. This gives them the opportunity to practice the tools for a full week before receiving the next online module.

ZoneQuest Online includes:

  • Ten modules with more than 62 videos, personally and dynamically created by Bob Palmer, that take you through the SportExcel System in the same way he does for his 1-on-1 clients—step by step. 
  • Written material covering each module that supports the videos in the module.
  • Additional material such as podcasts from athletes who have used the strategies for winning.
  • Bonus: Access to the SportExcel ZoneQuest Online Community Forum
  • Bonus: Bob's book - A Mind to Win - eBook

"Bob is my favorite trainer yet - the information and knowledge that he shared with us about getting into and staying in the Zone was awesome...He knew what he was talking about and knows how and why it works! "


Meet your Zone trainer - Bob Palmer, BES, BEd

SportExcel Founder and CEO | High-performance Trainer | Mentor | Coach

Stoked…cool…awesome…unfair advantage…it gives me the…a secret

These are just a few of the words that teen athletes have to say after working with Bob. Athletes and their parents love to work together with Bob. He makes training to learn the Zone and enjoyable experience and doesn't require sharing of personal problems.

Bob has worked with all levels of athletes - from amateur and competitive right up to professional and Olympian. He really knows his stuff!  Some athletes call him a mentor, others call him their troubleshooter or strategist and others just say that he is cool and gets them stoked!

The bottom line is that Bob gets you results!

Want more information on how you will train with your teen athlete and what you will both learn?  We'd be happy to speak with you and introduce you to the SportExcel System through our no-obligation training session, which is the first session of our eight session ZoneQuest  program.


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