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The martial arts can be a major source of anxiety—grading or competing fears, kata distractions, opponent intimidation, injury fears, “stage fright,” etc.

But it should be adrenalizing, empowering and fun.

Sensei Bob Palmer's ZoneQuest for karate teaches you to:

ZoneQuest is an innovative digital high-performance membership program delivering SportExcel strategies for your sport of karate. Fire up your game and blaze past your competitors with SportExcel’s formula—a game changing, step-by-step system to ignite your passion, empower your sport performance and fuel your success.

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For just $24.99 CAD/month (tax included), you get the ZoneQuest program filled with strategies delivered to you each week—dynamic videos, articles and podcasts to advance your sport of karate.

Here's what's included:


Stand out

Read opponents

Build explosiveness

Light the Ki within you


Meet your high-performance instructor


Sensei Bob Palmer, founder of the SportExcel Academy and ZoneQuest, is a high-performance trainer and igniter of champions in both sport and business.

A 4th degree black belt, Bob achieved his Shodan in 1989 and went on to compete and win in SWKKF-sponsored competitions. For more than 20 years he also ran a highly successful SWKKF karate club in Barrie, Ontario.

With its high standards, superb instructors and dedicated competitors, the Shintani WKKF proved to be an effective laboratory for Bob to test out and develop his high-performance system with respect to sport preparation, competing and winning tactics. And everything he learned is in ZoneQuest!

Bob trains development athletes, Olympians and professional athletes in more than 40 different sports. In 2021, Bob had six athletes at the Tokyo Olympics in four sports, representing four countries—Canada, USA, India and Egypt. One athlete achieved the milestone of his third Olympic gold medal!

With his high-performance business keeping him in demand with clients around the globe, Bob retired from his karate club but still keeps his hand in karate through his involvement as the high-performance trainer for the SWKKF’s tournament team. Bob is passionate about helping athletes perform at their best and win. He particularly likes and believes in the following comment:

 “Bob gives athletes an unfair advantage.

Ron Hansell, Competitive athlete and business owner.



"Inner mental technique is more important than the physical one."

— Gichin Funakoshi



Here's what you'll learn



Foundation for winning

Within the first two months, you'll get Level 1 of ZoneQuest: Zone Code, plus loads of backup materials.

Module 1 – Introduction and roadmap for up-leveling your game.

Module 2 – Identifying and firing up your Zone for an immediate and consistent performance boost.

Module 3 – Dynamic strategies for long-term increases in adrenaline, strength, speed and power.

Module 4 – Develop resiliency (fast recovery) by using your mistakes and losses to improve the next competition. Plus an eBook of Bob's book - A Mind to Win.


Game-Changing Strategies of Champions

In this level you will develop a toolkit of strategies to fix the things that frustrate you and pull you out of your Zone, and build the skills that will get you noticed and on the podium. Plus you get the resource materials to back up the training videos.

Module 5 – Strategies to forget mistakes, copy the skills of champions and start the development of your 24/7 Zone default.

Module 6 – Strategies for dominant play with a commanding posture to ensure you manage and maintain your Zone – pre-comp, during matches, between matches and post-comp.

Module 7 – Strategies that make you feel at home in new venues, bring opponents down to size, neutralized crowd size and anticipate your opponent's next move.  


Resilient and Consistent Performance   

Five months from your start and counting, you develop your never-quit system in ZoneQuest Level 3: Action Code. Plus you get additional supporting material.

Module 8 – Manage your adrenaline level leading up to, during, and after a competition—without power drinks!

Module 9 – Apply the system with your dynamic Zone to make it your 24/7 default.

Module 10 – Demonstrate how to win by taking leadership of every aspect of your life.

Module 11 – Build your work and academic excellence with additional strategies to keep you acutely focused and capable of multitasking your new career or academic course right alongside your karate training.

"The SportExcel ZoneQuest formula ties together my equipment, my training and skills. It is the ignition to the machine."

— JOHN PETTIBONE, Competitive athlete

To go from good to great... 

ZoneQuest Online is a vital part of your karate training

Online Membership | Cancel Anytime.

$24.99 CAD/Month

Tax included

Here's what you get:

Level 1 - Zone Code (four modules | 20 videos in months one and two.)

Level 2 - Strategy Code (three modules | 19 videos in months 3 and 4.)

Level 3 - Action Code  (three modules | 24 videos in months five, six and seven.)

Level 4 - Pro Code (on-going informative strategies and sport-specific videos to keep you performing like a pro.)


  • A Mind to Win eBook
  • Weekly resources from the Knowledge Locker - Bob Palmer's resource library with articles, videos and podcasts
  • Community forum
  • PDF program guides 
  • Access to all past strategies, videos and resources for review and reinforcement.

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