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At SportExcel we love to hear success stories and almost daily, we get calls from our athletes, coaches, leaders and teams on six continents and in over 30 different sports sharing their success stories after taking the SportExcel high performance program.  Personal bests...trophies at recreational meets...high overall scores...more goals than ever before...first place finishes at the international and Olympic level...and the list goes on.  Many of our clients call us their secret weapon.  But it really is no secret, just a practical formula for training to win.  Read some of their success stories below.
Canadian Record holder and Champion in Heptathlon, Canadian Champion in Hurdles and two-time Olympian

"Working closely with Bob in the years leading into the Olympic Games was an incredible experience. I learnt a lot about the power of the mind and the subconscious, and I gained a better appreciation for the work that needs to be done not only on the track, but off the track . My work with Bob provided tools to face any feat, small or large, with a clear mind and a confidence that allowed me to perform freely and in the moment. As an athlete there's nothing comparable to the feelings of performing in the moment, which made every session with Bob very rewarding."


Professional Snowboarder, Three-time Olympian, Gold and Silver Medalist and X Games Medalist
"Bob's book [A Mind to Win] gives all athletes the same great system I learned.  Every pro or aspiring athlete can benefit from learning it - for sport, work, school and life."

Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, International Skeet and Coach
"The knowledge that I have gained from him has helped me achieve my ultimate dream."

Professional Ironman / Triathlon, former European Champion and 1st place - Ironman Brazil 2014, Owner - Mercury Rising Triathlon

"This is the revolutionary aspect of Bob's program. It helps you change your mind, and your physiology by using the Zone experience as the central focus of your everyday activities."

— SARA GROSS, Canada

Performer and songwriter | Former professional snowboarder (Burton) retired

I have worked with Bob in the past and have had such extreme results, I was curious to see how this could translate to a video version of ZoneQuest and duplicate the outstanding work we accomplished together. His coaching style is so unique and personable, and to no surprise, Zone Quest exceeded my expectations duplicated that magic in a whole new way! Experiencing Bob's presence radiates and shines through the screen through each module. This gave me the reboot and kickstart into my education and career path I needed.


Professional Surfer, ASP Women's World Championship Tour
"As a professional surfer you can lose your focus at a competition because of distractions from sponsors, spectators, weather, etc.  Bob helped me to stay focused and aggressive on every wave."

 Skeet Shooter
"I was fortunate to work with Bob at the beginning of my third season as a skeet shooter. Bob helped bridge the connection between dexterity and mind which I believe is the essence of achieving excellence in the sport of skeet shooting. Bob' s coaching propelled me from B to AA class in on single skeet shooting season. I shot 100s in all the guns including the .410 and ended the season by being Runner Up at the State Championship. When Bob asked me to Beta Test ZoneQuest (his online course) I jumped at the chance. From my experience, ZoneQuest is as close to working with Bob as you'll get without paying the big bucks! Get ZoneQuest...confidence and consistency in your game will improve, and your scores will improve."


Professional Snowboarder and Olympian

"I am a half pipe snowboarder who has been competing for almost ten years.  I have spent years on the National team and have worked with various sports psychologists.  Even with this experience I used to suffer from competition anxiety at every contest.  I found that Sport Excel has given me practical techniques which are easy to apply to competing and life situations.  With extreme sport comes high risk and SportExcel also helps me prepare for new performing new tricks and riding at an elevated level, including higher amplitude."


5th degree Black Belt, International Martial ArtsCompetitor and former World Kickboxing Champion, Owner - The Way of Life Martial Arts
"The time you spent with me has been paying off. I thank you tremendously. 
This is a 90% mental and 10% physical game. I wish   I knew you when I was a kick boxer in my younger days. Now I do, and I will use these exercises to the fullest."

— SCOTT HILL, Canada
International Competitor, American Skeet
“After only one season working with Bob Palmer, I had very consistent control of my nerves in every match.  I was on-fire in August and podiumed alongside two of the best skeet shooters in the world.  My overall improvement has been huge and in the World Skeet Championships I placed in the top 30 shooters in the world.  This is an 80% improvement over the previous year.”

Skeet Shooter and Executive Athlete

"Once again, thanks for the excellent course! I learned a number of new techniques and it really cemented in the core principles of your program. Bottom line, I have harnessed the zone in tournaments and my scores have improved!"


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Bob Palmer will introduce you to the SportExcel high performance system with a no-obligation introductory session via Skype where you dive right in and learn the Zone. This is the first session of our eight-session Ignition Series. And, if you like the feel of the Zone, you can continue with the other seven sessions of the Ignition series and learn how to win.    Find out more.