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  Learn the science of winning with the most powerful high-performance tools in sport

The SportExcel High Performance System works through you to create a dynasty.  Every sports team uses systems for defense, offense, strength training, game skill training, diet, etc.  No team just lets their athletes play randomly. Our system gets your athletes in the Zone at the get-go and maintains it throughout the entire practice, game and season.

Read for yourself what some of our sport and business leaders have to say about SportExcel's high performance system and the success it has brought to their sport, their athletes, their business and their life.  
Founder and Head Coach, Peter Baeklund Resource Leadership
"I'd finally found exactly what I was looking for - a simple, effective and easy to use system for enhancing performance and productivity, delivered with passion and expertise.  I've now integrated the system in my own strategies and work and get value from it every day.  I highly recommend you check out Bob's approach to high performance because I know it works."

High Performance Director, Snowboard Canada 

"As a High Performance Director of a National Sports Organization, like any elite athlete or businessman, I need to be in the Zone; I need to be at my best.  Bob's program helped me in all aspects of my work and my game and I use his system on a daily basis."


Business Owner and Competitive Athlete

“Bob's system has helped me more than I imagined it could. It helped me simplify my mental approach to shooting, and helped me create better consistency. What I didn't realize was how far-reaching the system can be. I have applied all of the same principles to my business with tremendous success. It has helped me renew my enthusiasm for my business, and as a result, the performance of my entire team has improved. The bottom line numbers don't lie, and I couldn't be happier about the results. Thank you Bob for getting me to believe again in all aspects of life - your system has been invaluable!”


CEO, BHH Benefits and Executive Athlete
"Bob gives athletes an unfair advantage!"

Retired US Navy SEAL, Doctor of Chiropractic, Author
"As a retired US Navy SEAL and athlete, who has been able to get to the highest levels that my physical ability could take me in many sports, I will tell you that what Bob has learned and is teaching in this book [A Mind to Win] is what you have been seeking.  Read it, learn it, practice it, become the Zone!  IT'S A LOT OF FUN!!"


Consultant and Executive Athlete

"With boring regularity I get into the Zone and win with Bob's system.  We only lost one curling match in the last month and I play on five team in five different leagues."


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Dynamic leadership
The SportExcel High Performance System teaches you the true depth of your power and how to use it skillfully and wisely to ensure your team is well prepared, mentally ready and consistently in the Zone.   

You TRANSFORM your athletes.  You build a powerful presence that can INSPIRE them to great performances. And you ultimately EMPOWER them to take charge of their game and lives.

We'll introduce you to the SportExcel high performance system with a free, introductory, no-obligation session via Skype where you dive right in and learn the Zone.  If you like what you have learned you can continue your training with our Palmer Principle leadership system.  Find out more.

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