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With SportExcel’s Parent / Young Athlete training, you get to sit side by side with your teen athlete and learn the Zone.  This program is for parents who are frustrated at being unable to help their children overcome lack of self-confidence, intimidation, frustration with school work or loss of passion in their sport.  You and your young athlete will learn the Zone and the tools to stay in it for sport, school, work and life. Read some of the testimonials from parents below. The names have been omitted to protect their privacy.  
Parent of 14-year old hockey player 

"She is a completely different player since working with Bob.  In the last tournament she scored half of the team's 15 goals.  She has more confidence and fun and has developed a scoring touch around the net."

AK, Canada

Parent of a young football player
"My son worked as hard as he could on the field but always seemed to come up short.  Bob helped him (and us) to gain the pizzazz that got the coaches noticing.  And he has been improving and having more fun in every practice and game since the training.  The lessons he learned from Bob will last a lifetime."

CM, Canada

Parent of a young basketball player
"My wife and I now have an active role that we never had before and it makes a considerable difference.  Thanks for the work you have put into this program and we would recommend it to anyone wanting to advance, regardless of the endeavor."

Parent of a teen track and field athlete
"What I find fascinating, is watching the athletes support and encourage each other in their efforts to be in the Zone and maximize their performances. The information was presented in a highly digestible manner, followed up with practical exercises which make it easier to recall the techniques long after the workshop is over. Interestingly enough, I was also able to take the tools taught and information shared and put it to practical use in my own life, it was definitely a Win-Win situation. My daughter and I are both looking forward to working with Bob in the future. Many thanks for sharing such invaluable information!"

   CS, Canada
Teen Athlete - Hockey and Baseball

"Bob is my favorite speaker yet - the information and knowledge that he shared with us about getting into and staying in the zone was awesome. I took more notes than ever before and understood what he was saying clearly. The information given to us has already benefited me and will for a long time to come, He knew what he was talking about and knows how and why it works."

 Teen athlete, Canada

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Bob Palmer will introduce you to the SportExcel high performance system with an introductory, no-obligation session for you and your young athlete, where you dive right in and learn the Zone together. This is the first session in our eight-session Ignition Series. And, if you like what you have learned in this first session, you can continue with the other seven sessions in the Ignition series for families.  Find out more.