Own the Zone. Own the Game.

High performance training for athletes, coaches, and leaders

  Learn the science of winning with the most powerful high-performance tools in sport

With the SportExcel System you learn how to take leadership, get the fun back in your sport and win.  It's a system like no other and you'll love it.  You'll start with your moments of brilliance, not your failures.  No talk, no therapy and no stigma...just high performance tools to help you to get the job done.  

The Ignition Series gives you an innovative approach to winning that utilizes your Zone and gives you powerful tools to support it. 

Your Zone is the essential part of your sport foundation that you will continually reinforce and refine over the course of this program.  As an amateur, professional or Olympian, you will learn a system for winning in just eight weeks.

With the SportExcel System you will learn to:

  • Identify and develop your Zone as a skill
  • Model the skills of elite athletes
  • Access adrenaline easily, any time you need it
  • Apply your leadership skills in all situations
  • Develop visual acuity, strength, speed, power, etc.
  • Create excitement and displace anxiety and fear

The Momentum Series moves you powerfully into the leadership realm in your sport, business and life.

It reinforces and builds on the Zone concepts learned in the Ignition series training and supports athletes, coaches and sport/business leaders who want to achieve the next level in their sport and/or business.  

You will learn very specific tools that:

  • Access personal, persuasive leadership skills
  • Apply powerful Zone-driven outcomes
  • Utilize specific subconscious approaches for

multi-tasking and organization

  • Influence change
  • Build strategic long-term approaches to winning
  • Dramatically speed up skill acquisition

Prerequisite:  Ignition Series

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The Velocity Series is a mentorship program that prepares you for major events, new seasons and unexpected road blocks along the way. 

We are a part of your training team for:

  • Customized training and yearly planning
  • Competition preparation and support
  • New tools, strategies and perspectives
  • Problem-solving of minor or major performance issues
  • Fine-tuning existing strategies
  • Resolving road bumps and slumps in a season
  • Videotape review/analysis of athletic performance
  • Leadership and team synergy strategies
  • Session-to-session guidance as required

Prerequisite: Ignition or Momentum Series.

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Q.  Do you conduct assessments as part of your training system?

A.    No.  The results of assessments are merely talking points.  They respresent a moment in time when you were out of the Zone.  And, since you get in the Zone in the very first session with us, and then learn to stay in it with powerful tools, any assessment is immediately out-of-date and obsolete.   You will learn a system where you demonstrate what you can do well in the future, without talking about what you did poorly in the past.   

This empowering approach is one of the most important systems you will ever develop.  You'll become the expert in managing your Zone and sport.  
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Professional Burton Snowboarder (Retired)

“Your incredible talent to share the Zone with me has allowed me to grow in ways I never imagined possible!  Thank you for sharing this magic with me and making the world a better place…one Zone Feel at a time.”


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Competitive teen athlete
"I have personally been working with Bob Palmer for about a year now. Throughout this time I have noticed a change in not only the way I compete but the way I go about my day. I can feel my zone at all times of the day, whether it's a test that I am taking at school or a competition. Since learning about the zone and actually feeling the zone, I am able to go confidently into a competition... Bob Palmer has a truly unique philosophy and techniques that have worked for me and will work for you. I highly recommend Bob's books and programs."

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