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“Since working with Bob late last year, not only have we made an improvement to my mental game, but I also have a much better understanding of the feel of the Zone.”

Master Level NSSA Instructor, 17-time world-champion and Owner of Giambrone Shooting Clinics
"Excellent book, great tools to apply, and useful! Looking forward to taking my ATA shooting to a whole new place!!

Terrific Book!
"Mind vs Target" is a MUST read regardless of one's athletic activity. The beauty of Palmer's book over several others I've read addressing mental training is he offers the athlete a "system" for getting into the Zone and staying there throughout the event. The "tools" he provides, once mastered, make it possible for the shooter to sense trouble brewing in his game before it becomes a problem (No Zone). A number of mental drills support the development of the tools. Here's how it works.

You're in the Zone. You've run 85 straight. Then it happens. A squadmate says, "Only 19 more to go" or "Watch 'em--the wind has picked up" or something suddenly just doesn't feel right. You've just left the Zone and entered what Palmer calls the "No Zone". Every sensation in your body screams "Red Light!" Your palms are sweaty. Breathing is suddenly labored. Your heart rate increases. Step on the pad in this condition (Most shooters do because they don't have a clue what is wrong or how to fix it!), and a trainwreck is brewing.

Palmer's techniques of DEJA Vu, GPS, and a tool called "fusing" (to name a few) can replace the pending meltdown and get the shooter quickly back in the Zone. I've tried it and it works! And not just in shooting. It'll work in any activity/sport that requires being in the Zone to be successful. I can't wait for the tournament season to begin!"

"I purchased your new book earlier this week and after reading it I was able to get in the zone and break my best score in months in ATA trap yesterday.  I recently switched to a new gun and let's just say the last few months have been a challenge.  I look forward to reading it again but this time I'll take my time and learn each step inside and out.

I have every book I could find on the mental game in print and MP3 and I can honestly say that purchasing your book was the best money I've spent on my game to date.  I was able to apply what I learned and smoke the targets that had been a problem.

Your system was much easier to understand and apply to my game.  Thank you!!!"

ATA Trap
"A great book for any target shooting sports athlete. As a pistol shooter, I used some of of the techniques listed in Mind vs Target to win a bronze medal at the Canadian air gun Grand Prix."

— SANDBLASTED22 (iTunes)

Fantastic Book, Helping both coach and athletes
Bob Palmer's book is an incredibly helpful tool for me as a coach and for the athletes on our team.

My son is on our shooting team and is ahead of the curve in international shooting. We have both read Bob's book. We refer to the points in Bob's book while preparing for matches and setting goals. I would have anyone of your advanced athletes read this book and then you are both using the tools and concepts. We just returned from one of the major USA Shooting matches and he was extremely mentally prepared for this match. Because of his preparedness, he did exceptionally well. He is much younger than the other competitors and was shooting with World Record holders, Olympians and members of the USA Shooting Team. Intimidated? Not at all. Mentally ready to shoot against the best in the country? Absolutely. Many coaches know how to teach the finer details of shooting and because of that most athletes train 90% of the time on the physical portion of shooting. What most do not prepare for is the mental side of the game. I believe that we, as coaches, need to prepare our athletes on the mental game. What do you do to prepare your athletes? Are you the coach that is in The Zone? If you want to learn and give your athletes an advantage in competition then get Bob's book. You need to read the book and review it to get the concepts solid in your toolkit so you can use them with your athletes. I know it has helped my shooting also. Good luck and stay in The Zone!. You will see amazing results with your athletes.

— Hank G on Amazon
"This is one of those books that begs a second reading. If you apply merely one of Bob's tips, you will no doubt see an improvement in your mental game and scores. I know I have."


Trapshooter, California

A must have for the competitor who wants to dominate!
"I am a faithful reader of Bob's articles in Trap & Field and have learned a great deal from them. I used some of the techniques to win the 2010 WI state handicap championship...Ever get the feeling that a big win is just going to happen? I have, and now I know why and how to get that feeling every time I step to the line! If you are truly serious about wanting to dominate, get Mind vs Target, read it, breathe it, live it!

“After only one season working with Bob Palmer, I had very consistent control of my nerves in every match.  I was on-fire in August and podiumed alongside two of the best skeet shooters in the world.  My overall improvement has been huge and in the World Skeet Championships I placed in the top 30 shooters in the world.  This is an 80% improvement over the previous year.”

American Skeet
"I found it!  When I was a kid, I lived in this Zone that Bob Palmer perfectly describes in his book.  Somewhere along the path, I lost it.  As a gifted athlete, I found it tremendously frustrating, not ever being able to reach the potential that matched my full ability.  I tried practicing harder...generally a waste of time and effort.  I tried positive attitude...didn't work.  I tried taking lessons from the Masters...got worse.  I tried sports psychology...got MUCH worse.  Now after practicing Bob's methods, I have it again and know how to keep it, or as he says, ‘to stay in the Zone’.  As a retired US Navy SEAL and athlete, who has been able to get to the highest levels that my physical ability could take me in many sports, I will tell you that what Bob has learned and is teaching in this book is what you have been seeking.  Read it, learn it, practice it, become the Zone!  IT’S A LOT OF FUN!!” 

Retired US Navy Seal, Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, Flexibility Specialist, and College Biomechanics Instructor
“Masterfully written!! It should be on the must read list of every serious competitor in any sport.” 

Certified NSCA Level III Instructor, Chief Instructor at Ark-La-Tex School of Wing Shooting
"Bob was the first mental coach that I worked with at the beginning of my career. His methods became some of the fundamentals that I used as part of my everyday routine. The knowledge that I have learned from him has helped me achieve my ultimate dream."

Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Beijing and London – International Skeet 

“Thanks Bob.  I haven’t felt this focused in years, maybe forever.  When I was shooting I heard nothing.  It was almost like the “Love of the Game” with Kevin Costner.”

American Skeet
“Bob Palmer has worked with the elite shooters of my Youth Development Shotgun Team.  Not only was there a remarkable transformation of the individual shooters, but also a strong team bonding.  He will continue to be an integral part of our training program.”

USA Shooting, Olympic Shooting Coach of the Year 2004
“I had a great State shoot - best one ever.  Bob, you have really done a great job for me. I was always told that shooting was 99% mental and 1% ability.   I guess at sixty it was the right time for me to invest in my mental game."   

ATA Trap
“I just wanted to let you know and say thanks for teaching me how to get in the Zone. The more people you teach the harder it will be to have the advantage over those who don't know. Thanks again.”

ATA Trap   
“The SportExcel strategies have become a part of me and a part of my clients.  As a shooting coach, my teaching now goes way beyond mechanics where I’m now helping my clients get into the Zone in all aspects of their lives.”

NSCA Certified Level II Instructor, Owner - The Rancho del Zorro Shooting Academy
“Thanks to Bob Palmer’s high performance program, I’m at a place that is fantastically beautiful when it comes to shooting.  I had a great year.  I started at an average level and stepped it up every month.  I had the best Grand (ATA Trap) I ever had.  I even made the November 2011 cover of Trap & Field Magazine, a long time goal!”

ATA Trap
“Before your program, I passively watched my son participate in sports and gave no thought to the impact that I was having.  After taking your course, I will no longer just watch.  I will continue to contribute positively to his mental game.  My wife and I now have an active role that we never had before and it makes a considerable difference.  Thanks for the work you have put into this program and we would recommend it to anyone wanting to advance, regardless of the endeavor."

Parent of a young Skeet shooter, U.S.
 "When we look at how nicely Bob Palmer's peak performance strategies meshed with our OSP System, where nothing was opposed in terms of our teaching style, our relationships with our students, our commitment for lifelong learning and our commitment to building the whole person, our own system has never been stronger and the future never brighter."

OSP Shooting School
Easy to read and apply
"Very interesting, good for any sport, and for any coach. Could be a must for any coach.
For sportsmen - very, very good."

For over 20 years, Bob has worked with athletes, coaches, CEO's and parents in over 30 different sports and on six continents.  Read Bob Palmer's bio.
Mind vs Target is an ideal training tool for your athletes and coaches.  If you would like to purchase more than ten copies for your group, please contact us for our special rates.

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