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The Palmer Principle by SportExcel comes to you as a result of 20 years of training in the world of sport and business.   Corporate success stories, multiple World cup wins, Olympic and other medals are the result of our commitment to building a SYSTEM for excellence — The Palmer Principle


Why do some executives succeed beyond our wildest imaginings? It comes down to three exceptional skills that anyone can learn:

1) How to manage the Zone,

2) How to manage change, and,

3) How to lead (persuade) others.

When you learn the tools to master these three components, you can be an effective and successful leader.

The Palmer Principle uses the sport metaphor of the ZONE and a six-step system as the foundation for understanding and implementation of flexible, persuasive, subconsciously-driven, wholly focused and passionately-committed leadership.  The outcome makes your role fulfilling with the kind of joy that is fully contagious to your employees, colleagues, friends and family.  And it is fun.

The Palmer Principle:


When you, as a leader, stay in the Zone, your organization does as well.

With The Palmer Principle you’ll create your powerful Zone in the very first session.  And in the subsequent sessions you’ll learn the tools to stay in your Zone both at work and at home so that life is fun, organized, time-managed, healthy and profitable.  Get the element of chance out of your career and life. 

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In convenient, 45 minute, one-on-one sessions that are delivered to your office or your home via SKYPE, you learn to apply the system immediately, from the first session on.  And it is as profitable and sustainable as it is fun and rewarding.

In hands on, do-it-now and get-it-done meetings, you learn to:

  • Be a dynamic and energized “Zone” leader
  • Process goals in a way that actually facilitates success
  • Embrace the good, bad and ugly of change, without stress
  • Stop second guessing and be powerfully “spontaneous”
  • Instill a system of thinking that organizes complexity
  • Model the best of your role models
  • Get people to buy in with exceptional clarity

The Palmer Principle will give you the SYSTEM that so many successful athletes, coaches and CEOs use.  And we guarantee you’ll find no feeling like the Zone and the impact it will have on your career. 

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Bob will come to your location to deliver an engaging high performance leadership seminar for all leadership levels. In half-day or full-day training, participants learn The Palmer Principle, a powerful sports metaphor of the Zone formulated on our international and Olympic successes. Namely: When you stay in the Zone, your staff, employees and team will.

Purpose: To learn a leadership system that forms a powerful foundation for achieving corporate profitability and sustainability.
Your leadership trainer is Bob Palmer, B.E.S., B.Ed., CEO of SportExcel. Bob cut his teeth on getting Olympians and
executive athletes to the podium.

Corporate leadership was a natural fit and Bob now travels throughout North America training corporate leaders, coaches and athletes in his very successful leadership system, The Palmer Principle, that has helped many to achieve success in business, sport and life. He also works with many CEOs worldwide via Skype, is the author of A Mind to Win and writes for several magazines.

 CEO and Business Owner
"Check out Bob's approach to high performance because it works."


CEO and Business Owner

"Bob creates an unfair advantage." 

High Performance Director, Snowboard Canada 

"As a High Performance Director of a National Sports Organization, like any elite athlete or businessman, I need to be in the Zone; I need to be at my best.  Bob's program helped me in all aspects of my work and my game and I use his system on a daily basis."


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