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Chapter 1: Learning to Win

The heights this book will take you, if you are willing to stop thinking
and just shoot

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

—    Aristotle, Star Philosopher

Let’s not mince words.  The main goal of this book is to help you to win in your shooting game, whether that means winning competition HOAs, winning at the club level so that you can hold your head high or winning at the improvement game through on-going class punches.   And although winning is the ultimate goal, enjoyment of your shooting sport is what is going to drive you to that perfect victory.  The combined forces of winning and enjoyment are inseparable.  It affects everything about your game, from the folks who you want to shoot with to the financial impact of earning a few payouts, from the type of shotguns you buy to your commitment to practice, attend competitions and put in your time.  

Whether you are a novice or a professional, this book will help you create your own definition of high performance in order to win.  From the get-go, I’ll make no promises that this book will help you to win a world championship or even the club championship but you will have the tools and a system to do so.  And I challenge you to see if you can apply them as effectively as the many champions I have worked with have done.  Only you can dictate that along with how you read and apply this book to help you succeed in your goal.

The Starting Point

This book is the starting point where you will understand what you learned or didn’t learn from all your competitive experience, from playing Little League baseball, football, hockey or other sports, to your latest attempts to win in clay target sports.  High performance is the process of doing anything well.  In shooting, it is staying sharp, target after target, and understanding the nature of the distractions that conspire to pull you out of that focus.  Whether you are a novice shooter or a professional, feel free to dream and to strive for your dreams, as you read and apply the strategies in this book. 

But this book is more than just reading, of course.  It is a specially designed high performance system based on years of training hundreds of athletes to be successful at all levels of competition, in addition to my professional education — book learning and experience — that shaped my thinking.     

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Bob Palmer, B.E.S., B.Ed., SportExcel CEO.

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"Since working with Bob late last year, not only have we made an improvement to my mental game but I also have a much better understanding of the feel of the Zone."

- Paul Giambrone III, Certified Level 3 NSSA Instructor, 13 time world-champion and Owner of Giambrone Shooting Clinics, Texas

With the SportExcel System you learn how to take leadership, get the fun back in your sport and win.  It's a system like no other and you'll love it.  You'll start with your moments of brilliance, not your failures.  No talk, no therapy and no stigma...just high performance tools to help you to get the job done. 
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