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Book - A Mind to Win

A Mind to Win, Bob Palmer's high performance book for athletes, coaches, parents and sport leaders in all sports, gives you a training process that blurs the lines between the mental and physical game. It opens the door to a revolutionary way to increase your focus, strength, power, speed and smarts in your sport. If you haven't taken Bob's training yet, this book will give you a great introduction to the SportExcel high performance system that has been so successful for Olympians, professionals and amateur athletes and coaches in over 30 different sports, and on six continents. 

Watch the video below as Bob describes what you will learn.
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Professional Snowboarder, Three-time Olympian, Gold and Silver Olympic medalist

"Bob's book gives all athletes the same great system I learned.  Every pro or aspiring athlete can benefit from learning it - for sport, work, school and life."

Retired professional Burton Snowboarder

"Your incredible talent to share the Zone with me has allowed me to grow in ways I never imagined possible!  Thank you for sharing this magic with me and making the world a better place...one Zone Feel at a time."

"This book is much more than just a sport handbook. It is an invaluable reference book of life skills. Bob's approach provides readers with user friendly tools to overcome physical, mental and emotional challenges. The techniques are amazingly simple and very effective. This is a gem of a resource book, powerful and empowering!"

"I have personally been working with Bob Palmer for about a year now. Throughout this time I have noticed a change in not only the way I compete but the way I go about my day. I can feel my zone at all times of the day, whether it's a test that I am taking at school or a competition. Since learning about the zone and actually feeling the zone, I am able to go confidently into a competition... Bob Palmer has a truly unique philosophy and techniques that have worked for me and will work for you. I highly recommend Bob's books and programs."