Own the Zone. Own the Game.

High performance training for athletes, coaches, and leaders

  Learn the science of winning with the most powerful high-performance tools in sport

Bob's popular book, Mind vs Target is now available in audio format!   It is a training process that blurs the lines between the mental and physical game and opens the door to a revolutionary way to increase your focus, strength, power, speed and smarts in your shooting game.

In this 4-CD audio book set (4 1/2 hours of strategies), you learn a step-by-step approach for implementing effective tools to quickly transform your game.  It is a clinic in a book that will help you to turn on your high performance switch (called the Zone) in order to take your moments of brilliance to your entire game, season and life.  

Learning to win and taking leadership of your sport is fun, as you will soon experience.  As you listen, fire up your passion and vivid dreams.  And do the exercises as well, as each step in the system needs to be practiced to get the most out of your game.  

39.99 + shipping  

"...I would recommend this book to anyone who is wanting to get the most of their mental game."

-  SWAPFOOT (on Amazon)
"...Insight for the one who is willing to repeat success. These principles apply to every sport and will help you achieve your goals."

- LINDA (on Amazon)