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SportExcel has provided our innovative high performance systems training to athletes, coaches and teams throughout North America and beyond.    Read for yourself what some of our clients have to say about SportExcel's high performance system and the success it has brought to their sport.     

Quotes 2012 will be my fourth summer Olympics. This time I followed my mother's advice and found a peak performance sports trainer, Bob Palmer. He has opened my eyes to the kinds of blocks that top athletes typically encounter and taught me how to fix them easily, as well as how to get mentally ready for matches and stay powerfully focused during them. Quotes
~ Cynthia Meyer
International Trap Shooter, New York City

Quotes I have been involved with several of Bob Palmer's workshops. His warm disarming style puts everyone at ease while also keeping them on the edge of their seat with interest and anticipation. It's exciting to see the eyes and faces of the participants light up when they first experience that "in the Zone" feel." Quotes
~ Don Kwasnycia
Skeet Coach, former Olympian and Canadian Champion, Ontario

Quotes When we look at how nicely Bob Palmer?s peak performance strategies meshed with our OSP System, where nothing was opposed in terms of our teaching style, our relationships with our students, our commitment for lifelong learning and our commitment to building the whole person, our own system has never been stronger and the future never brighter. Quotes
~ Gil and Vicki Ash
OSP Shooting School, Texas

Quotes I'd finally found exactly what I was looking for - a simple, effective and easy to use system for enhancing performance and productivity, delivered with passion and expertise. I've now integrated the system in my own strategies and work and get value from it every day. I highly recommend you check out Bob's approach to high performance because I know it works. Quotes
~ Peter Baeklund
Head Coach and Chief Brain Officer mikro makro (Scandinavia)

Quotes The difference in Mitchell and his swimming since he met with Bob Palmer has been incredible. He is so focused and knows how to get into the Zone. We will continue to include Bob?s mental coaching with Mitchell?s swim coaching in order to have a complete body and mind training package. Quotes
~ Maureen Vandermey
Parent of regional swim competitor, Ontario

Quotes The time you spent with me has been paying off. I thank you tremendously. This is a 90% mental and 10% physical game. I wish I knew you when I was a kick boxer in my younger days. Now I do, and I will use these exercises to the fullest. Quotes
~ Scott Hill
4th Degree Black Belt in Karate, International Karate Competitor

Quotes Working with Bob Palmer has made an extremely positive and lasting impact on my life. Not only did my scores increase dramatically, but my enjoyment and excitement for my sport also increased. Being in the Zone is something that I will use in all areas of my life and for the rest of my life. Quotes
~ Taylor Hodges
International Skeet Shooter, Texas

Quotes This was it. I was the champion. My dream came true. The rush was unlike anything else I had ever felt in my life. Because of my mental training, I had the confidence not to push things and to relax during the moments of high intensity. That medal goes out to my teammates, my coaches, my family and, of course, Bob Palmer. Quotes
~ Michael Rowbotham
Canadian Junior Wrestling Gold Medallist, Ontario