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"Stoked…cool…awesome…advantage…the edge...fun…secret weapon...wow..."

These are just some of the words that our clients use to describe the SportExcel System, our approach to winning and the overall experience they have had.  The Zone is like that.  It's fun, empowering and theirs for life, and that is the experience that all our clients share. 

SportExcel CEO, high performance expert and author, Bob Palmer, is making high performance a lot more fun, much easier and a lot more consistent for business and sport executives, athletes and coaches. 


Recognized as one of today’s best innovators in high performance and backed by impressive Olympic, professional and corporate results, business and sport CEOs, singers, entertainers, athletes in all sports and professionals of all stripes also seek Bob out for his high performance guidance, problem solving and insights. 

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A former tourism industry professional with extensive experience in developing, managing and promoting organizations and destinations, Caron is the co-founder of SportExcel Inc.  As the Chief Operations Officer, and the marketing and development expert behind SportExcel, Caron runs the behind-the-scenes operations of the company, providing administrative, creative and strategic direction as well as client/project management.  


Her passion for  travel, photography and the outdoors has taken her around the world where she loves nothing more than to experience the culture, history and beauty of a destination and its people.  Her love of sport also keeps her active.  Caron holds a second degree black belt in karate and is avid downhill skier, bicyclist, swimmer and windsurfer.  She has volunteered her time as a karate instructor and tournament judge for children, youth and adults as well as with a national karate organization providing fund development expertise. 


Caron recently completed a Master's degree in Marketing through the University of Leicester in the U.K. 


The SportExcel System for high performance for repeatable, energized and consistent performance.  It is your foundation for winning, leadership and fun for sport, work, school and life.  Watch the video above to find out more.

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How is your approach different from psychology?...What is the Zone?... How do you work via Skype or telephone?...Do you work with pros and leaders?.... What exactly is mental high performance?  Can a system be applied to high performance?
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Bob shares high performance training tips for athletes and coaches in various sports.
Bob training tips for athletes and coaches.