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Trusted by winning Olympians and champions, ZoneQuest is the best formula for high-performance success, as taught by a professional educator, coach and champion


Learn consistency, resiliency, confidence, and a host of real-game strategies that will cement your place in the minds of recruiters

The SportExcel formula has been helping developmental athletes build their winning brand of skills, character and success for 25 years with athletes in NCAA and U SPORTS—hockey, baseball, soccer, tennis, athletics, curling and others. Our athletes stand out in high school and in other sport organizations by building the kind of athletic leadership that secures scholarships and financial aid packages. And SportExcel guides you every step of the way with a high-performance formula for outstanding and standout performances that recruiters notice. Plus, our experienced and skillful trainers and coaches back you up all the way.

"Bob's training gives all athletes the same great high performance system that I learned. Every pro or aspiring athlete can benefit from learning it - for sport, work, school and life."

Olympic gold and silver medalist | Former Snowboarder/Half-pipe

Most coaches and scouts concede that athletes will have good and bad days. But what if you could turn on the Zone, on demand, in every practice and every game? No bad days! Well, nobody’s perfect, yet our high performers are always finding a way to the podium in multiple sports.

With the SportExcel formula, your game can be this easy. There’s no talk therapy, just powerful strategies delivered in one-to-one Skype sessions where you learn the Zone, learn the tools to sustain it and make it a habit. It’s educational and its fun, especially when you can apply the tools immediately to your game, even after the first session.    

With the SportExcel training formula, no one ever needs to talk or have a pity party. Instead, you’ll be trained by passionate educators/coaches/trainers who know how to help you out of any situation. And if you are a parent, we’ll help you as well, and pull out all the stops so that you learn powerful tools to support your athlete. 

Test drive the first SportExcel session and start applying it to your scholarship dreams now.  


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Meet your high-performance experts

Bob Palmer, B.Ed., B.E.S. | Jessica Zelinka, MMEI

Bob Palmer, BES, BEd

SportExcel CEO | Founder | High-Performance Expert | Mentor of Champions| Head Trainer

Bob Palmer’s clients have been winning at every level since he started his high-performance business, 25 years ago. Multiple Olympic medalists, world cup champions, professional achievements, minor and development-sport successes, athletes in the NCAA and U SPORTS, and several leaders of Olympic sport organizations. Bob's athletes and coaches are expected to win at all levels—and do. The best in the world and the "wanabe" best in the world come to Bob.

A fiercely competitive athlete and coach, Bob has been fascinated by the Zone since childhood as a youth hockey player where it was fun and easy.   But it was in the sport of karate where he finally figured out the systematic way to get the Zone to be normal and the path to winning. He won a national level, got his 4th-degree black belt, and has been teaching Olympians to win—because they now understand high performance. 

An educator, Bob took the Zone out of the realm of “myth” and embedded it in every practice section as a skill that anyone can acquire, and then apply to sport, education, and work—with huge results.  

And that started SportExcel Inc, a revolution in sport that is taking the world to the podium.     


Jessica Zelinka, MMEI

SportExcel Certified High-Performance Practitioner | Two-time Olympian | Athletic Coach 

You may best recognize Jessica as a two-time Olympian in the sport of track & field. She is excited to share her experience and knowledge now as a SportExcel-certified coach and mentor! 

Her mission is to find innovative ways to address the needs of athletes in the world of sport, academics, health, and well-being, as an athlete, high-performance trainer with SportExcel, and also as a track & field coach. 




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Case Studies

Learn how athletes have used the SportExcel high performance strategies for success in their athletic and academic endeavors

We thought we would tell you a bit about what makes SportExcel different and what you can expect to learn for your sport and education!

First, SportExcel has a track record of success on all levels that very few trainers can come close to. Second, our program is a system that has very little guesswork. We take you through the steps and your game improves. To some the improvement will be staggering. It mostly depends on how much effort you put into learning the steps to the formula. Third, we have the very best instructors who have performed at the highest levels both nationally and internationally, have taught at the highest levels and know how to teach in the Zone in every session.  In other words, we walk our talk. 

"Bob's training gives all athletes the same great high-performance system that I learned. Every pro or aspiring athlete can benefit from learning it - for sport, work, school, and life."

- Hannah Teter, Olympic gold and silver medalist, Snowboarding

High-performance training is all in the name. It is not low or medium performance training. Everything is designed to move you to the next level with a consistent Zone, a constantly expanding skillset and an ability to lead. With this kind of high performance training, standing out for scholarships, winning, higher marks and overall fun and enjoyment of your sport should be the result.

"Bob was the first mental coach that I worked with at the beginning of my career. His methods became some of the fundamentals that I used as part of my everyday routine. The knowledge that I have gained from him has helped me realize my ultimate dream."

- Vincent Hancock, Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist and Coach, International Skeet

1) Track record:  Check out our Instagram or testimonial pages. We’ve got the winners to show for our 25 years of developing youth, NCAA, U SPORTS, Olympic, and professional athletes, as well helping pros extend their careers and more into post-sport life.

2) Formula / System: Our program is designed to be easy to learn and easy to implement. We teach you the steps to win, you apply them and excel. It kind of fits with our name—SportExcel!

3) Educational: Ours is an educational approach.  We are passionate educators and coaches as well as former high-performance athletes and an Olympian. Every session teaches the tools, strategies, and sport tactics to move your game to the level you expect. It is simply: What do you want? Now lets teach you the tools to get you there!

We designed our program to not only teach you, but to teach coaches and instructors how to push your game to the Zone. Our trainers know the Zone so well that you’ll feel the effect of this adrenalized process long after each session. 

Bob Palmer, B.E.S., B.Ed., Founder, CEO and Head Trainer for SportExcel has worked with thousands of athletes from around the world in more than 40 sports. Bob is a professional educator who used his karate training as a 4th degree black belt and former national competitor to figure out the Zone and design this program. In only a few hours, he can change the game of any Olympian, pro, developing athlete or coach. 

Jessica Zelinka, MMIE, is a SportExcel Certified High-Performance Practitioner and Athletic Coach. She is a two-time Olympian in Track & Field, specializing in the heptathlon, winning gold at the 2007 Pan-American Games and was a repeat silver-medalist at the Commonwealth Games in 2010 and 2014.  Her Zone approach to competition and winning is a model for all athletes and coaches.   

As Jessica notes…

"Working with Bob in the years leading into the Olympic Games was an incredible experience. My work with Bob provided the tools to face any feat, large or small, with a clear mind and a confidence that allowed me to perform freely and in the moment. As an athlete, there is nothing comparable to the feeling of performing in the moment, which made every session with Bob very rewarding."

We stand behind our training and back it up with a risk-free guarantee.

We offer a test drive of our eight-session Ignition Series with a no-obligation, 45-minute first training session before we bill you. If you love the Zone and what you are learning, you continue. 

With our online course, ZoneQuest, you should have a personal ‘lightbulb or aha moment’ of having learned something new for your sport. If not, we will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your training course or refund what you paid. Note - there are no refunds for prior months as we release valuable training material immediately. The book - A Mind to Win - is yours to keep.

"I set my sights on becoming a pro hockey player and Bob has helped me to find the Zone at every stage of development."

- Norm Ezekiel, Former pro hockey player

"Bob is my favorite trainer yet - the information and knowledge that he shared with us about getting into and staying in the Zone was awesome...He knew what he was talking about and knows how and why it works! "


Some of the schools where our athletes have gotten scholarships

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SportExcel athletes dominate in sport and academics. Ready to join them?

Our athletes have successfully earned places in both NCAA and U SPORTS, as well as winning World Championships, World Cups, and multiple Olympic gold medals. In a recent national competition, three-quarters of the podium spots were won by athletes using the SportExcel high-performance formula. Now that is success!


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